How to design your semi-custom stationery

Below is a guide to customizing the semi-custom stationery to make it your very own. You can talk through any of the design elements and have any of your questions answered at the time of your consultation.

printing methods & timeline

All stationery can be finished by any of these print techniques. Costs vary based on the printing process and number of pieces; please see your desired suite for pricing.

Letterpress Example


A traditional method of printing, letterpress uses a metal plate of your unique artwork, is inked on the raised surface, and stamped in the paper, leaving a deep impression. Almost any color can be achieved with letterpress printing.

One-color ink printing is standard, but two- and three-color ink printing is available upon request.

Foil Example


Similar to letterpress, foiling uses a metal plate of your unique artwork in addition to heat in order to transfer the foil to the paper.

Rose-gold foil is pictured in the image above.

Foil Colors

Foil Swatch Colors

Printing Timeline

Letterpress and foil printing take approximately 12-15 days. This is for printing only; please allow extra time for design process and shipping.


Our staple pieces, including save-the-dates and invitations, are printed on a premium double-thick, soft textured paper with weight you can feel. All other pieces, such as response, itinerary & details cards, are printed on a single-weight paper; these pieces can be upgraded to a thicker paper upon request.

Paper Colors

House papers are below. We’re happy to source other colors upon request.

Paper Color Swatches

To achieve a truly opaque white color on a dark paper (such as black), white foil must be printed.


We strongly suggest ordering an additional 10-15 pieces for unanticipated additions to your guest list, photographs, and keepsakes.

Envelope Addressing

Return Address Example

Return Addressing

The address from which the pieces are mailed from, either the couple’s address or their parent’s. This address appears on the back flap of the invitation envelope and the frontside of the reply envelope. Return addresses can be digital/flat, letterpress, or foil printed.

Guest Address Example

Guest Addressing

Individual addressing for each of your guests. These are digitally printed on the front of the envelope. Please refer to our guide on address formatting if you requested this service.

Envelope Colors

Our envelopes are made of premium matte paper. We will happily source other colors upon request.

Dark envelopes (those denoted with an asterisk below) can only be printed on using white ink. White ink printing is available for an additional $1/envelope.